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Compensation for post surgery negligence

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Our medical negligence team have won compensation for a patient who suffered post operative complications after the removal of their gallbladder in hospital.

Problems arose post surgery when bile leaked into the patient’s abdomen. This is a recognised complication of gallbladder surgery, and if the source of the leak is quickly identified and treated then it should not cause the patient any serious harm.

When the petient experienced pain and abdominal swelling a few days after the surgery, they reported this to the hospital. However, the problem was not correctly disgnosed, even after scans and tests had been carried out. As a result they were discharged from hospital without the leak having being repaired.

The patient then became seriously ill and was taken back into hospital for emergency surgery. Although this treatment was successful, the patient found the experience so distressing that they suffered a psychological reaction and was required to undergo therapy.

the patient approached us about making a compensation claim for post surgery negligence. We agreed to take the case on and to work on a no win, no fee basis.

The claim was successful and and out of court settlement was reached in which our client received compensation totalling £16,500.

If you require further details about claiming compensation for post surgery negligence on a no win, no fee basis then call our free legal helpline for a no-obligation case assessment. Alternatively, simply send us an email with brief details of your case and we will get straight back to you with our views on the case.





Post Surgery Negligence