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What is GP negligence?

GP negligence claims can arise when a General Practitioner provides medical care to a patient that falls below a reasonably competent standard causing them unecessary suffering. GPs are the first point of contact for the majority of patients in the UK. Being in the frontline they have to deal with a vast range of problems, from the trivial to the unexpectedly critical. GPs obviously cannot be expected to have the same level of specialist knowledge or expertise as a hospital consultant, but they are expected to exercise the degree of skill and care of a reasonably competant general doctor.  If a GP falls below that standard and the patient’s health suffers as a consequence then that patient may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

The General Practitioner’s role

The GP’s role is to take a detailed history from their patient, examine them if required, arrange any necessary investigations, such as a blood test, and then assess how their health issues should be managed.

GPs will often be able to treat patients in their surgery and will often prescribe medication. They are responsible for advsing the patient on any need for follow up treatment and what to do if symptoms persist or worsten.

Referring patients to specialist services

If a GP feels that the patient’s healthcare issues require specialist input then the doctor can refer them to hospital or another specialist service. GPs must assess whether the matter is urgent and if there is a need for tests or investigations to be carried out.

Where a patient is referred to hospital the hospital will generally liaise with the GP and keep the GP informed of developments as it is a GP’s responsibility to remain in charge of of their patient’s treatment.

Examples of GP negligence claims

Examples of GP negligence include:

  • Providing the wrong medical treatment;
  • Delay in diagnosis;
  • Giving an incorrect diagnosis
  • Failing to refer a patient to a specialist;
  • Prescribing the wrong mediaction;
  • Failing to provide follow up services; and
  • Failing to arrange investigatory tests.

One of the most common causes of a GP negligence claim arises from the failure to refer a patient on to a more specialist medical practitioner or to send the patient for a test, a scan or an x-ray. One of the GP’s key roles is to act as a gateway to other NHS services, but when this breaks down it can result in delays in diagnosing a medical condition which in turn can cause an illness to be prolonged unecessarily. Sometimes a delay in diagnosis can have life changing, or even life limiting consequences for the unfortunate patient.

Making a GP negligence claim

When the actions (or inactions) of your GP cause or exacerbate serious health issues then you may wish to consider making a GP negligence claim for compensation. We can offer you free initial guidance and provide details of No Win, No Fee funding of GP negligence claims. However it is important not to delay taking action as strict time limits apply.

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