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Prescription error claims

Considering the vast number of medications prescribed and dispensed in GP surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals in the UK every day, it is perhaps a matter for wonder that prescription mistakes and prescription errors do not occur more often, but they are in fact relatively rare. When they do occur, they are often a consequence of misreading, miswriting, or miscalculation of amounts; although dispensing the completely wrong medication is not unknown.
Wrong prescription claims are usually evident on the face of things, since the patient will have some kind of written record of what was actually provided to him, as opposed to what should have been provide to him. Often, the problem will come to light when the patient suffers unexpected side-effects, which can of course be serious, depending on the nature of the medication.
It is worth noting here the basic rule that there must be demonstrable injury or damage as a result of negligence in order for there to be a claim for compensation. A simple prescription error, which is either spotted before anything is taken; or which does not actually cause any injury or damage despite being taken, does not give rise to a claim for compensation. It might well mean the pharmacist will be subject to censure by his professional body, but that is not the province of the medical negligence solicitor. It is only if damage has been caused as a result of negligence that his client has a claim for’ wrong prescriptio’ compensation.


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