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Cancer negligence claims

We specialise in making cancer negligence claims for compensation where a patient's cancer has been misdignosed or there has been an unacceptable delay in diagnosing the cancer, resulting in their health suffering.

The extent of modern medicine’s ability to identify and combat all kinds of cancers has improved in leaps and bounds over the last 50 years. It is not that long since the very mention of cancer was taboo, with some doctors even refusing to come clean with their patients about the nature of their illness.

However, with the improved ability to fight cancer comes increased complexity and the greater potential for medical mistakes to occur.
Medical errors and clinical negligence in relation to cancer treatment often involve:
  • misdiagnosis of cancer; and
  • delay in the diagnosis of cancer.

Medical negligence can cause immense distress to patients and their families who are already feeling extremely vulnerable, so we appreciate the need to take a particularly sensitive approach to dealing with such cases.

When cancer is misdiagnosed or the delay in diagnosis causes the patient's health to suffer then compensation may be available. it is however important to act quickly in seeking professional advice from specialist solicitors as strict time limits apply and important evidence can be lost. 

Our team of medical negligence lawyers appreciate the need for a meticulous consideration of the medical evidence to be carried out in cancer treatment cases. We have links with nationally acclaimed medical experts who can review the history of the patient’s medical treatment, enabling us to precisely identify the negligence itself and, crucially, any avoidable damage that has been caused as a direct result.

We are usually able to work on a No Win, No Fee basis, so worries about legal costs should not put you off making a cancer negligence claim.

For a FREE assessment of your cancer negligence claim, call our medical accident helpline on 0800 975 8091 or send us brief details by email at info@medicalaccidenlawyers.co.uk


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