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Failure to identify and treat eye symptoms can lead to visual impairment or even total sight loss. Common problems can include cataracts, glaucoma (high pressure in the eyeball) and squint.

Cataracts can be particularly damaging in the early years. The visual system develops gradually with the brain “learning” to interpret the information given to it by the eyes. If that flow of information is restricted for long enough, the eye can effectively “shut down”, even though it is perfectly healthy in itself. Once this has happened, little can be done to restore its function.

Regular eye checks are particularly important for young children and any abnormalities should be carefully investigated and followed up with appropriate treatment.

What is ophthalmic negligence?

Ophthalmic negligence arises when the standard of healthcare in relation to the eyes and eyesight of a patient falls below a reasonably acceptable standard, resulting in harm being suffered by the patient.

Types of ophthalmic negligence claims

Ophthalmic negligence claims include a wide variety of conditions affecting the eyes, including:

  • cataracts;
  • laser eye surgery;
  • failure to diagnose sight issues in children and adults;
  • retinal detachment and retinal tears;
  • glaucoma and macular degeneration; and
  • misdiagnosis of malignancy.

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