MRSA Claims

This particular bug has been with us for quite some time now and is well known as a potentially life-threatening problem. Many hospitals and NHS trusts have put in place vigorous eradication and monitoring systems, yet the problem can still arise, particularly in post-surgical situations. This is partly because the organism is very common in ordinary life, but is usually completely harmless. It’s potential for serious damage arises when it attacks patients with serious wounds, or who are recovering from major surgery, or who otherwise have greatly lowered resistance.
Medically, it may simply not be possible to eradicate this bug completely from the hospital environment, even with stringent hygiene routines. What is important is that proper risk analysis is in place, and that procedures for reducing the risk of infection are actually monitored and enforced.
Being unfortunate enough to suffer the ravages of this particular infection may not of itself lead to a medical negligence claim; but if it can be shown that hygiene and control measures were not in fact up to a reasonable standard, or were not properly followed, then a claim may be on the cards.
MRSA Claims

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