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Claiming anaesthetic awareness compensation

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Anaesthesia is a highly specialist skill, without which many other clinical skills could not properly be provided. All anaesthesia, from simple injection for a tooth extraction, to full-depth unconsciousness induced for major surgery, carries some degree of medical risk. The skilled anaesthetist is trained to assess, monitor and reduce that risk as much as possible and in the vast majority of instances no harm is suffered by the patient.

However, thing do sometimes go wrong.

One of the known risks is anaesthetic awareness, sometimes known as accidental awareness. Anaesthetic awareness can arise when a patient goes under general anaesthesia, so that they are unconscious and do not feel the pain of the surgery. If the anaesthetic fails to fully take effect the patient can wake up during the procedure. They may become aware of what is going on and feel the pain.

Sometimes patients undergoing anaesthetic are also given medication that prevents movement.  There is a risk that the sleep and pain medication fails, while the paralytic agent does not. This results in the patient remaining conscious throughout the operation but unable to communicate this to the medical team. Although this is very rare, it does arise. We dealt with one such case where a young woman remained conscious and aware during a caesarian section, but was unable to move or communicate. She recovered substantial compensation for her ordeal, including the psychological impact on her.

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