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Brain Injury Medical Accident Claims

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In a medical accident context, brain injuries can arise from physical trauma (often in connection with birth), from infection or from oxygen depletion and/or reduced blood flow to the brain, such as with a stroke.

Brain injury is sometimes a consequence of unexpected complications during unrelated surgery or problems with anaesthesia.

Any clinical care of the brain and its crucial functions demands specialist skill and consequently a high standard is expected of the clinicians, surgeons and doctors involved. When the standard of that medical care falls below acceptable levels and a patient suffers injury as a result then they may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Brain damage is not always obvious and may not become apparent (particularly in birth cases) for many months or even years. In adults, a moderate degree of brain damage can often be masked by the patient simply adapting and neither they nor their family may realise for some time that something might be seriously wrong.

If you believe that a medical accident has caused impaired brain function and you would like to know where you stand legally then our Legal 500 recommended team is here to help. We provide free case assessments and can work on a no win no fee basis, which means that there is no need to allow worries about funding legal costs to put you off seeking justice.

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