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Making a birth injury compensation claim

Medical negligence lawyer Oliver Thorne specialises in birth injury claims. He is recommended by The Legal 500 and has assisted the BBC with its investigation into deaths and injuries at a hospital maternity unit. The programme that aired on BBC One featured a number of Oliver’s clients. If you would like to talk to Oliver about a childbirth medical accident you can telephone him in confidence on freephone 0800 975 8091 or send him an email.


The risk of childbirth medical accidents

Hundreds of thousands of children are born in the UK each year without medical complications or problems arising.

Historically, childbirth hasn’t always been so safe of course. At the turn of the last century the rate of maternal mortality was a staggering 400 women for every 100,000 births. Fortunately that ratio has plummeted, with massive improvements having been made since the end of World War Two.

We tend to take modern medical practices for granted and assume that childbirth will be safe for both mother and baby. However, despite the technological advancements of the last 70 years, things can still go wrong in the delivery room. Avoidable problems continue to arise, resulting in injury to mother, baby or both.

Types of childbirth accident

There are many forms of childbirth medical accident. They can include infections linked to prolonged labour (often associated with first-time mothers), physical injury to the baby caused by use of forceps or ventouse, and serious complications such as breach presentation, compression of the umbilical cord, oxygen depletion and even brain damage.

A badly handled birth may not just affect the baby. Birth injury accidents can also cause physical and emotional injury to the mother.

What to do if a birth injury occurs

If a childbirth accident occurs then specialist legal advice from a medical accident lawyer should be taken as soon as practicable. Both mother and child may be entitled to recover compensation for their birth injuries if the medical accident was an avoidable one and can be attibuted to a lack of care on the part of the hospital or those medical practitioners involved in the birth. Specialist childbirth accident lawyers are experienced in reviewing the medical and clinical practices associated with maternity and delivery and will be well placed to assess whether a valid legal claim is likley to arise.

Our lawyers understand what you are going through and are easy to talk to. They are always happy to have an informal chat about a case and will gladly offer a free assessment of the claim.

If the case has legal merit then we can obtain the all-important medical records and liaise with medically qualified professionals who will be able to offer their expert view on what went wrong, why it went wrong and who was at fault.

No Win, No Fee funding

We undertake childbirth medical accident claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. This makes taking legal action affordable for anyone who is unable to pay legal fees upfront. If you would like us to fund your case on a No Win, No Fee basis then give us a call and we will explain how it works in more detail and answer any questions you have.

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