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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Cosmetic surgery, whether on a private basis for purely personal reasons, or through the NHS as part of recognised treatment (eg. for burns or other disfiguring injury or conditions) is often associated with strong personal expectations. Part of the duty of any cosmetic or plastic surgeon is to explore those expectations with the patient and to ensure that there is clear guidance about what can and cannot reasonably be expected from the procedure.
Failure to properly manage those expectations, or to even fully discuss the options and risks with the patient, can lead to a claim that he or she was not made fully aware of the risks and did not therefore give properly informed consent to surgery.
Unfortunately, it is our experience that in many cases of private elective cosmetic surgery, the written record of the advice actually given to the patient is woefully thin or lacking completely. There is a discernible trend for patient dissatisfaction in such cases to be linked to inadequate consultation or records.
In such cases, careful review of the clinical notes, as well as evidence from the patient, family and friends may enable a medical negligence claim to be constructed.
Our team of medical negligence specialist solicitors also offer a bespoke service for claims relating to cosmetic surgery. If you have a case that involves cosmetic surgery negligence, you might want to visit http://www.cosmeticsurgerylaw.co.uk/ where you can find further details about our expertise in this specialised and complex area. We cover all aspects of cosmetic surgery negligence, from PIP implants and breast surgery to facelift, liposuction and general plastic surgery claims.


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