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“Neonatal” is defined as the period running from the moment of birth to 28 days old. A neonatal check in the immediate minutes after birth is standard and should always be performed. Most hospitals have a policy of repeating this check at least once before mother and baby are discharged.

This is to look for any obvious abnormalities, or signs of problems that need immediate intervention. The check will cover things such as:-

  • head – shape, symmetry, facial appearance, eye position;
  • eyes and ears – check for cataracts, red response, infection, positioning;
  • mouth – checking the sucking reflex;
  • arms, legs, hands, feet – checking alignment, shape, number of fingers and toes;
  • torso – checking for hernia or possible spinal problems; and
  • skin tone – checking for jaundice or other blood conditions.

Appropriate further tests or treatment should be carried out if there is any suggestion of birth defect, infection or malfunction of any body process.

If the standard of medical care in carrying out these functions falls below an acceptable standard and the baby’s health suffers as a consequence then the parents may be entitled to pursue a compensation claim for medical negligence.

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