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Surgical mistake case study

We specialise in surgical mistake compensation claims. To find out if you are entitled to make a claim contact us for a free case assessment and details of no win, no fee funding on 0800 975 8091 or send us an email.
Our client, a woman from Weymouth in Dorset, complained of continuing pain following minor surgery to her thumb at Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester, which is part of the Dorset County Hospitals NHS Trust.  
Physiotherapy was not helping and in fact seemed to make matters worse.  She was repeatedly told by her doctor that the pain was to be expected after the surgery and would resolve.  Eventually, she was X-rayed and it was found that wiring, which should have been removed after the surgery, had been left in place.  As a result, she had to have another operation to remove the wire.
The client contacted a memeber of our specialist medical negligence team who agreed to take the surgical mistake case on, working under a No Win – No Fee agreement.
Despite the hospital arguing that the wire made no difference to her recovery, our independent expert medical evidence suggested otherwise. Although it was agreed that after things were put right, she would have no lasting ill-effects from the surgical mistake the hospital’s error had resulted in our client suffering unecessarily for several months and being forced to undergo a second operation. 
Our expert medical evidence proved conclusive and we won the medical negligence case. We recovered compensation for the additional pain she had suffered and the fact that she had to go through the ordeal of a further operation that would have been unnecessary, but for the hospital error.

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Surgical mistake