Medication mistake

What is a medication mistake?

A medication mistake arises when a patient is given the wrong medication or the wrong dose.

Other medication errors include giving patients drugs that are no longer in date, drugs that are not correctly packaged or labelled and failing to give accurate information about how the medication should be taken or stored.

Are medication mistakes common?

Yes. The British Medical Journal has reported that in excess of 237 million medication errors are made each year, causing over a thousand deaths.

Can I make a compensation claim for a medication mistake?

If a medication error impacts on your health then it is likely that you will be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Medication errors can have serious health implications. Patients who are given the wrong drugs or the wrong dose can become seriously ill and suffer life-changing injuries. In extreme cases they can die.

Health professionals responsible for prescribing and administering medication owe patients a legal duty of care. If they make a mistake which results in a patient’s health suffering then they will be negligent.

However, not all medication errors give rise to a legal claim. If the mistake was of no consequence and had no impact on the patient’s health then a legal claim would not be viable; though mistakes should always be reported to avoid similar errors being made in the future.

To find out where you stand on making a medical mistake claim by contact our legal helpline for a free case assessment and details of No Win, No Fee funding.

What will it cost me to make a medication mistake claim?

We deal with claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, so please do not let worries about legal costs put you off claiming the compensation you are entitled to.

All case expenses are paid for by us, so there is nothing for you to pay upfront. And if you do not win your claim, you will not owe us a penny.

How much compensation am I entitled to receive?

Compensation will be based on the extent to which your health has been affected by the medication error. The more serious the consequences are, the greater the compensation will be.

We can also recover your out of pocket expenses such as lost earnings and the cost of medical treatment. In addition we can submit a claim for the value of any care provided to you by your loved ones.

How do I make my medication mistake claim?

The process of making a claim is very straightforward.

All you have to do is make contact our legal helpline, by email or telephone, and one of our specialist team will explain what is involved.

First, we will establish the nature of the medication mistake.

Second, we will assess the impact of the mistake on your health.

Third, we will explain how no win, no fee funding works.

Then, assuming you wish to proceed with your claim, we will get to work.

So, if your health has suffered due to a medication mistake then contact our legal helpline today for a free case assessment. Phone 0800 975 8091 or send us an email using the form on this page.

Medication mistake