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Negligent cancer treatment case study

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We made a compensation claim on behalf of a woman who almost died because of serious errors made by North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple in dealing with her ovarian cancer. Despite struggling through quite horrific courses of chemotherapy, she made no progress and within a matter of months from the diagnosis, was told by the hospital that the cancer was terminal and she was effectively sent home to die.

Shortly after that, she accepted the offer of a last-ditch clinical trial at Royal Marsden Hospital in London, feeling she had nothing to lose. Surgeons there offered to operate on her. She underwent drastic surgery, endured many months of pain and sickness, but made a complete recovery.

Detailed investigation of her medical treatment at North Devon District Hospital showed that the clinical assessment of her cancer had been completely wrong from the beginning. She should have been operated on, but because of the hospital’s error, surgery was not even considered. It was also revealed that chemotherapy was never going to work in her case, so the months of chemo treatment she underwent were completely unecessary. Furthermore, if she had had the surgery earlier, it would probably have been less invasive and less complex than the operation she went on to have.

Although the North Devon District Hospital initially denied the allegations of negligent cancer treatment, the NHS eventually agreed to an out of court settlement and we were able to negotiate a significant sum in compensation for what our client had gone through.

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Negligent cancer treatment