Taunton Hospital Faces Compensation Claims Following Termination of Vanguard Contract

One of the West Country’s largest NHS Trusts is bracing itself for a flood of compensation claims after unexplained complications in patients having routine cataract operations earlier this year.

Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset, had a large backlog, partly due to the loss of some key ophthalmic staff, so brought in a private medical contractor, Vanguard Healthcare, to carry out the surgery in one of its mobile units. Nearly half of the 62 patients treated suffered complications such as blurred vision and swollen corneas. Many required further treatment to deal with these problems; some are considered “significant” and may require further surgery in the future. The operations, to remove clouded lenses and replace them, is routine; and usually only 1 in 400 patients will suffer any kind of complication.

The unit in question has been placed in quarantine pending further investigation. Cataracts are one of few eye conditions that can be treated and it is the Trust’s concern that patients will lose confidence in what is supposed to be a safe and effective procedure.

The hospital has said that it is committed to sorting out the issue and dealing with any compensation claims arising.

Our specialist medical negligence solicitors deal with claims nationally and we have an office in Taunton itself. If you have suffered complications following routine eye surgery at Musgrove Park Hospital and would like to discuss a possible claim, entirely free of charge and without obligation, please call our helpline on 0800 975 8091.

Taunton Hospital Faces Compensation Claims Following Termination of Vanguard Contract

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