Making a missed fracture compensation claim

Our No Win, No Fee medical negligence team specialise in missed fracture compensation claims nationwide.

Most doctors and medical professionals provide an excellent service. However, it is not uncommon for medical conditions to be missed, particularly in the field of orthopaedics, and specifically fractures. In 2021, for instance, two thirds of spinal fractures were undiagnosed. This caused many patients to go on to suffer further fractures or have their recovery time extended.

Fractures are usually caused by some kind of trauma and when being examined in hospital, patients are not always referred for scans/x rays. This can mean they are sent home to continue their usual daily activities as best they can, not knowing that they could in fact be making their injury worse.

Missing a fracture can have serious consequences for patients and lead to them suffering further complications, such as infections and osteoarthritis.

Not only can a fracture be missed due to a scan or x ray not being performed, but it is also common for the results to be interpreted wrongly. Sometimes a fracture line can be so faint that it is missed on an x-ray. Scaphoid fractures are the most common fractures to be missed, due to how small the bone is and how difficult it is to see on an x-ray. X-rays and scans cannot always show the fracture clearly and this may mean that a patient is given a different diagnosis, such as a sprain, or strain.

If you wish to pursue a claim for missed fracture compensation then our medical negligence team are here to help. They are highly experienced in dealing with missed and undiagnosed fracture claims and can work on a no win, no fee basis.

If you have received a misdiagnosis, or a late diagnosis and it has been due to a failure to scan/x-ray, or a misinterpreted scan/x-ray, and would like a free case assessment, then please get in touch. We usually ask for a copy of any medical records you hold, along with any complaint correspondence. This will help us to review your case and let you know if we are able to assist. If we are able to pursue a compensation claim, we would usually offer to do this on our popular no win, no fee basis.

So, to find out if you have a case for claiming missed fracture compensation contact our free legal helpline by calling 0333 888 0412  or sending us an email.

Missed fracture compensation