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Are you entitled to claim compensation for misdiagnosis? Find out by calling our free helpline on 0800 975 8091 or sending an email to [email protected]

Misdiagnosis can arise in several different ways. You may, for instance, be diagnosed with the wrong condition, or there could be a complete failure to make any diagnosis at all. Alternatively a late diagnosis may be given, resulting in delay that makes your condition worse.

If you have been the victim of misdiagnosis then it is important to consider the reasons for this and whether it was due to negligence on the part of the health professionals treating you. If there has been negligence then you may wish to consider claiming compensation for misdiagnosis.

Our team of specialist lawyers are experienced in dealing with misdiagnosis claims. They will consider your medical records with a trained eye and review the standard of treatment you have received. We also have links with some of the finest medical experts in the country, who we can call upon to provide technical input when required.

If we feel that your claim is likely to succeed then we can deal with it on a no win no fee basis. This means that we will fund the case ourselves and you will have nothing to pay if you do not win. If the case succeeds then we will recover most of your legal costs so that you only pay any shortfall from the compensation you are awarded.

When claiming compensation for misdiagnosis it’s important to bear in mind that the case needs to be brought within three years of you becoming aware of the misdiagnosis. This three year rule does not however apply to children, who have three years from when they become 18.

So, if you have been misdiagnosed and would like to know if you are entitled to claim compensation then find out by contacting our free helpline. Call 0800 975 8091 or send an email to [email protected]


Compensation for misdiagnosis