Testicular torsion compensation claim against a doctor

Testicular torsion compensation claim


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This is a case study of a testicular torsion compensation claim that we recently made against a doctor for misdiagnosis

Medical accident lawyer, Oliver Thorne, was instructed by the parents of a young boy following an operation to remove his left testicle, known as an orchidectomy.

Early one the morning the boy awoke with pain in his scrotal region. He alerted his parents who examined him and discovered that his left testicle appeared to be swollen. The mother gave him paracetamol and tried to settle him. An appointment was made for the boy to see his doctor later that afternoon.

The GP’s computerised note of the consultation states that the boy’s mother was advised that he was likely to have an epididymal cyst and she was given an information sheet printed directly from patient.co.uk. Doxycycline was prescribed and the family were advised to contact the out of hours servivce if the pain became worse.

The boy was taken back to see a different GP a few days later due to an increase in pain and swelling and was subsequently sent straight to A&E. He had an USS on arrival and subsequent surgery when an orchidectomy was performed.

We were appointed to pursue a compensation claim for misdiagnosis of the testicular torsion. We agreed to deal with the case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Supportive expert evidence was obtained which identified that the boy had been suffering from testicular torsion at the time of the initial appointment with his doctor. The expert indicated that the appropriate course of action would have been for the doctor to refer the boy to the local surgical team who would have corrected the testicular torsion.

Although the doctor denied that a medical accident had occurred, a compensation settlement was eventually agreed. Due to the claimant being a minor under the age of 18 the award required court approval. His case therefore went before a judge who duly approved the settlement, allowing the claim to be finalised.

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Testicular torsion compensation claim against a doctor