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Hip replacement negligence claim arising from nerve injury

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In this case study we look at a successful hip replacement negligence claim in which we successfully recovered compensation for a woman who sustained a nerve injury during surgery.

Events surrounding the nerve injury

After suffering for many years with osteoarthritis in her hips, our client developed advanced — bone on bone — osteoarthritis in her left hip. She therefore underwent a primary total prosthetic replacement of her left hip.

The following day, our client was unable to regain the sensation in her operated leg and was suffering from a left foot drop. A consultant reviewed her condition and concluded that she was most likely suffering from a sciatic nerve injury.

As a result of this injury her mobility significantly reduced. This meant she could no longer undertake the activities she was previously able to perform, which understandably had a great impact on her mental health.

The hip replacement negligence claim

Caroline Webber-Brown, who is a partner specialising in medical accident law, took this case on under our popular No Win, No Fee funding arrangement.

Caroline instructed relevant experts to comment on both the treatment and care provided at the time of our client’s hip replacement, together with a future prognosis on how the nerve injury would be likely to impact on her life moving forward.

The hospital admitted liability, accepting that if our client had received the appropriate care during her operation, she would not have suffered a sciatic nerve injury.

The hospital offered her the sum of £60,000 in compensation. However, Caroline recommended that the offer be rejected as it did not reflect the extent of our client’s future needs as a result of her injury. An improved offer of £75,000 was made, but this too was rejected. Caroline eventually agreed a settlement at £82,500.

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Hip replacement negligence claim