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Failure to treat cancer case study

If you are looking for solicitors who are experienced in failure to treat cancer cases then call our free legal helpline. We will give you details of our no win, no fee funding scheme and provide you with a free case assessment.

We dealt with a compensation claim on behalf of the widower of a former lady mayor, who died from cancer of the bladder. His wife’s cancer had first been diagnosed by Torbay hospital and had it been properly followed up and treated, she would have been completely cured. Tragically, there was a chain of mistakes by South Devon Healthcare, which meant that critical tests to “stage” the cancer were mislaid, delayed or overlooked, causing the patient to “drop off the radar” in the healthcare system. As a result, by the time the mistakes had come to light, the lady’s cancer had spread and very sadly she was beyond help.
We took on the resulting failure to treat cancer compensation claim and agreed to work on a no win, no fee basis.
We undertook extensive investigations into the background of this woman’s medical treatment. We also obtained independent expert medical evidence about the mistakes that had been made and what the likely outcome would have been had she been treated promptly.
Presented with this evidence the lawyers representing the NHS could not oppose the claim. We were therefore able to go on and successfully negotiate a substantial sum of compensation for the widower in an out of court settlement.

We are experienced in dealing with failure to treat cancer cases on a No Win – No Fee basis. For a FREE assessment of your case just give us a call on freephone 0800 975 8091 or drop us an email.

Failure to treat cancer