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This is a real life case study of a appendicitis claim we have recently won. Medical negligence specialist Penny Beales summarises the details.

Our client experienced a sudden onset of severe  abdominal pain and vomiting while on holiday. She went to the nearest health centre where her condition deteriorated, and she was immediately transferred to hospital. She had an ultrasound scan and blood tests and was kept in for observations. She was prescribed antibiotics and given pain relief which settled her symptoms. Despite her pain and discomfort, she was discharged the following day. She decided to end her holiday early and return home.

Her symptoms continued and she tried to manage these with over the counter pain relief and bedrest. This continued until she was sent by her family GP to her local hospital with ‘red flag’ symptoms for possible sepsis. She was immediately admitted and underwent an emergency laparotomy. She was found to have peritonitis due to a perforated appendix. Following surgery, she was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. She had to undergo a prolonged inpatient stay for mobility rehabilitation and extensive wound care.

It left our client with extensive scarring, an exacerbation of her pre-exiting vertigo symptoms and an increase in chronic anxiety.

We agreed to make an appendicitis claim on a no win, no fee basis . A medical report was obtained from Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgeon which confirmed that the hospital failed to identify appendicitis or investigate the cause of her pain prior to discharge. We also established that her vertigo symptoms and anxiety were linked to the negligence.

We said that if the hospital had identified the appendicitis then it could have been treated with keyhole surgery which would have avoided all the complications she suffered as well as the extensive period of recovery.

Following negotiations, an out of court settlement was reached, with our client receiving £23,000 plus legal costs.

If you wish to make an appendicitis claim then call our free legal helpline or send us an email.

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