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Angiogram negligence results in six figure compensation payout

If you have been the victim of angiogram negligence and wish to recover compensation then please call our free legal helpline by phone or email. We deal with medical negligence claims nationwide and can work under a No Win – No Fee agreement. Call freephone 0800 975 8091.

Medical accident lawyer, Oliver Thorne, has recovered a substantial six figure sum for a woman who suffered a permanent neurological foot injury after receiving negligent medical treatment.

Oliver dealt with the clinical negligence compensation claim under a No Win – No Fee agreement.

The patient had been suffering with angina and required an angiogram. However, when the hospital carried out the angiogram procedure a medical accident occured. As her artery was being sealed the medical device that was being used to seal it moved, causing a loss of blood flow to her foot. This led to our client suffering permanent injury, chronic pain and reduced mobility.

The hospital accepted that there was then a delay in treating our client and as a result she suffered a permanent foot drop.

As a result of the medical accident our client required help walking and was unable to walk up and down stairs herself.

Oliver called upon a number of specialist medical experts to assist with the claim and help identify an appropriate level of compensation. We calculated that our client could be awarded one million pounds if the case went to court. However, after lengthy settlement negotiations our client decided to accept a lower figure in order to reach a more speedy out of court settlement.

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