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Surgical Error Claims

Surgical Medical Accident Claims

Surgeons in the UK are among the best-trained in the world, but even the best of clinicians can make mistakes. Thankfully, grossly obvious surgical medical accidents (such as operating on a completely wrong part of the body) are very rare; but as medicine advances, and surgery becomes more complex, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable, things do not always go as well as expected.
Just because something has gone wrong does not necessarily mean the surgeon or hospital is at fault. Furthermore, a surgeon is duty bound to take whatever action is necessary to protect his patient’s life and health in an emergency, even if this means doing something that was not foreseen and without the chance to discuss it with the patient. Nor is surgery ever guaranteed to succeed. If a surgeon has done all they csn reasonably do, they cannot be held legally responsible if the outcome was not the one that had been hoped for.
On the other hand, if surgery is carried out carelessly, incorrectly, incompetently, or without justifiable cause, that could well give rise to a surgical medical accident claim.
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