£50,000 compensation for failure to diagnose diabetes

Failure to diagnose diabetes case study

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A GP from Hartland in North Devon failed to notice a patient’s abnormal result following a routine blood test for diabetes.  As a consequence the patient’s onset of diabetes was completely missed for several years. During this time he developed peripheral neuropathy, a painful nerve condition affecting the hands and feet. 
The patient, who is from Bideford in Devon got in touch with our specialist medical negligence team to bring a compensation claim against the doctor for failure to diagnose diabetes. We agreed to deal with the claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.
Although the GP’s insurers admitted there was a failure to diagnose diabetes and provide the patient with the appropriate treatment, they argued that this did not cause the patient’s nerve condition to arise.  We therefore obtained specialist expert evidence from an experienced and independent doctor which confirmed that the failure to diagnose diabetes had in fact made the man’s neuropathy much worse. 
Faced with this evidence the doctor’s insurers backed down and we were successful in negotiating an out of court compensation settlement of over £50,000 for our client’s painful condition which had been brought forward by 10 years as a direct result of the doctor’s negligence in failing to spot and treat his diabetes.

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£50,000 compensation for failure to diagnose diabetes

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